About This Blog

Two years ago my son was born 16 weeks premature at only 1lb 3oz and my rather predictable life was promptly turned upside down. Somewhere along the way my creative voice got louder...it needed to, and as it turns out is not something that can be silenced.I've been deafened by this voice as the years have passed and it has often proved to be an anchor to reality is some pretty wild seas.

This blog is a chronicle of my insane journey and the art that has kept me from melting away.

I love to use color and I often experiment with a variety of media and surfaces. I'll share my mad-scientist experiments with using color and show you some of the rather unconventional results.  Not everything is successful, but I guess that's part of learning.

I particularly love sparkle and shimmer and find that a piece is often not finished until it pops off the page with energy and illumination. Not everyone likes sparkle, but I do, and I've found some amazing art supplies that feed this passion.  I'll share my reviews and tips on using bling in art. I have sparkly pieces hanging in my kids rooms and one day I might find a more commercial outlet for my glitter passion, but for now I'm content with just playing.

I get most of my inspiration from nature and will often use her many faces to create my art. I paint flowers a lot, but find myself using the colors and forms of nature as a basis for my own quirky interpretations. 

I have a passion for mandalas.  Art within the circle comes naturally to me and when I feel stuck or overwhelmed, sometimes I simply have to create a mandala. I'm not overly spiritual, preferring to remain anchored in reason, but I love the art of the spiritual world and take inspiration from all forms and denominations.

I love to write about all sorts of subjects, particularly my travels and adventures (of which I've had many).  I've seen some wild and wonderful things and I've kept journals and sketchbooks of most of them.  I'll share them regularly.

I'll ask forgiveness now for some of my writing.  I have two energetic and vivacious kids who are always my priority and I'm often writing with one hand and feeding or playing with the other.  As a woman and a mother, I have eyes in the back of my head and 6 arms for multi-tasking, sometime my wires get crossed but I'll do my best to make it legible.

Please leave me comments as I love to hear from you and get your feedback.