About Me

Born in the regional city of Ballarat in the Western Victorian gold fields of Australia,
I lived an unremarkable childhood growing up with 3 siblings.  My parents divorced 
when I was 16 and a year later I boarded a train to find a life in the city.  

Melbourne became my home where I took a job as a receptionist to pay my way
through University. Several years later I graduated with a BBA
and began a decades long career in Advertising & Management Consulting.  

 But the corporate world never held my heart.

Throughout my childhood I harbored what was as a secret sketchbook and journaling
habit which eventually evolved into a all consuming love of art & illustration. Now, in the
middle years of my life, it has become my passion and my profession.   

This, combined with a wanderlust for travel and adventure has defined me. 

In 2003, I left the corporate world behind, sold my house, threw on a back-pack, grabbed
a sketchbook and a box of watercolors, hopped a plane to some of the worlds most exotic
countries, and for the first time in my life, started living authentically.    

What’s more, I did it alone!

My love story, where I met my American husband on the trail to Mt Everest Base Camp
then nearly lost him forever through missed opportunity and unforeseen circumstances, is
a wonderful and note-worthy tale, better saved for another time.  

We were married in late 2004, and in 2005 moved to the US where our daughter was born.

In 2009 we welcomed a son who was born 16 weeks premature at 24 weeks gestation.
He spent five harrowing months in the NICU and two years on oxygen.
At age three he was diagnosed Autistic & Intellectually Disabled, and so began a 
complicated, unpredictable, and inspiring life for all of us. 

Learning to stop, sit quietly on a rock in a forest or on a mountain top, pay attention to the path
of a river bend, the mood of a mountain sky, or the curve of a ancient column was what helped
me step out of the rat-race and into my true self. 

Years of travel has quietened my mind and opened my eyes to the
beauty of the world, and the glory of nature.  

The gift of generosity from other artists and travelers has been a huge influence
in my life...as has nature.

But my greatest teacher has been travel. On the road, if I take the time to look, I see the
incomparable beauty in the simple bend of a flower petal or the gentle play of shadows cast
by drifting clouds in some strange place.  I see the subtlety in color changes across water, the shimmer of luminescence over an ancient city, and a rainbow of smiles on the people I meet.   

Learning to slow down and see the nuances of the natural world has
helped me in  indescribable ways.

Seeing the world in vibrant colors and patterns and being consumed by a constant desire to
interpret the many moods and experiences of travel has helped me discover a passion for
watercolor sketching. 

The gentle dance of light and color as the paint plays across the page in a
pool of water, refusing  to be tamed; the brilliance of colors as they blend and settle in deep
pools of  delicacy that will forever contain sharp and vibrant memories of my travels. 

It is the perfect medium by which to do the extraordinary beauty of the natural world justice.

My love of water-based media has expanded into water-soluble colored pencils, and in
my mind the perfect symbiotic relationship between paint and pencil has been born.  With gentle
coaxing, the mediums work together on the page to create a translucency and detail that lifts
a memory off the sketchbook page in a blaze of color and detail.

To capture the delicate glow of a desert sunset, the vibrant shine of an ancient sunlit lake, or the
brilliance of fall foliage as it plays across a mountain range has became my life's pursuit.

Travel is unforgiving yet unpredictable, never failing to surprise me with imperfection and
randomness, while at the same time allowing me the time and luxury of artistic  interpretation.

My sketchbooks and journals are memoirs of my many travels, that even today, years later, bring tears of joy and remembering.

Art, travel, and the natural world will keep me busy to the very end of my days, of that I’m sure.

CONTACT: diondior at yahoo dot com


  1. Your blog is lovely. Congratulations on getting up and running. All the best to you and your family - Chris

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  3. (sorry - tried to edit and had to delete it)
    Hi! I've tracked down your blog - it's really lovely! I was in the Alisa's Burke's watercolour Bliss class with you. Seems we both love bright, strong colours :) I've added you to me blog list as I really enjoy your work.

  4. can I comment as non blogger??
    well if I can, I am enjoying your flickR pics thank you dion, and trying some of your black gesso and white gel roller ideas...thank you so much.
    and I love your blog pages uncluttered with links and ads and other things, .....as they are, they are very clear and therefore tempting to read.....fort me anyhow. Thanks for being generous enough to share yourself online.

    katie flowers hong kong xxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Your colors are overwhelmingly beautiful. Love your work. So glad I found you.

  6. found you on Milliande! Love your "work" (play?) I'm just getting my blog started... www.whole-heartedart.blogspot.com I want to do workshops with women, healing, creative, not sure how it's gonna look... maybe we'll do something together!

  7. Dion
    You have described your life beautifully, and I am glad that I have had a chance to be a part of it!
    Xoxo - D

  8. Hi Dion,
    I'm Dianna's friend Ann from California. This is a lovely and refreshing site. Congratulations and a great future ahead.

    1. Hello Ann, so lovely to see you here, although it's been sometime since you left your comment. Hugs xx

  9. Hello Dion, I've just found your website and am so glad I have. I love anything sparkly and glittery, and love water on leaves, the rain, the sea, and rock pools. I started painting again in January after a 25 year gap. I can't seem to stop! It is like meeting an old friend again and being filled with joy. I also design and make jewellery (I have a passion for gemstones and wire) I look forward to taking a look around your blog and seeing more of your art. I hope you're having a great day. Em :)
    You can find my blog at http://mimiandtilly.blogspot.com

  10. Dion...I would love to take a class. Never took an online class, do you tell us what to buy, what if the computer goes bonkers on the day of class?
    Kayak Sue

    1. Lol...those silly computers make life unpredictable. I give you a supplies list in all my classes. My new classes are in private blogs with unlimited access, so if your computer is playing up one day, you can still access it the next. Hugs xx

  11. What a gorgeous write up about yourself, I love it.
    You sound so interesting and you have a zest for life.
    I think most people who create do have azest for life, and it shows in the lovely things they make.
    Michelle x

  12. I can't believe that today is the first time I've met you...I'm a follower and great fan of your art of course, but I've never thought to delve a little deeper into your personal life. I loved getting to know you a little more through your writing and photos. Thank you for sharing your story so far...I'll look forward to visiting again soon.
    Keep inspiring....your work is a feast for the eyes! x♥x

  13. Dion,
    I've been enjoying your art work from a far!! I"m so glad to find your blog and get to know you and your art! Thank you so much for sharing it online! I'm Taking Sparkle Arkle Next!!! Can't wait!

  14. love your work its beautiful. i found u accidentally thru a link online i was searching for ideas on watercolor paintings and i found u and what a happy surprise

  15. What kind of journal do you water color in? I hear that the paper is so important to have good watercolor results. Since I am a beginner in water color I have not have much success in choosing the right journal. Love your stuff!!

    1. I think paper is vitally important, especially for watercolor and sketchbooks/journals are no exception. I have used almost every major brand available and without a doubt, the Stillman & Birn sketchbooks are the best you can buy. They have a range of different papers and bindings so you have lots to choose from.

      For journaling I use a hard bound book in either a Beta Series or a Zeta Series. These are the flagship books and they come in a range of sizes. I also like the Epsilon for sketching and light washes with watercolor or watercolor pencils. The Beta is a textured, high quality watercolor paper and the Zeta is a smooth hot press paper. Both are exquisite and both are unsurpassed. Here is the link to their site. All the info is there.


      You can purchase them at most major art stores or from all the best online art sellers. Blicks in the US is a good source of all their books, as are Cheap Joe's and Jerry's Artarama.

      Also, If you want to sample the papers, just send Stillman & Birn and email and they will send you a small sample pack of the different papers for free. I hope this helps.

      xx Hugs

  16. I have been in science most of my life and I am just recently allowing myself to discover my creative side. I have discovered zentangling and everything that shoots off of that. I have slowly been exercising my right brain. Yours is one of the sites that have given my that warm, fuzzy, wanna try it feeling. Thanks so much for your passion. I look forward to investigating more of your pages. (hear that scientific sound there?!)


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