Monday, November 7, 2016

Continuing On

Yes indeed, it's been many many months since I've posted, and for that I make no apology.  It simply means that I have been consumed not only with my work, my family, and life in general, but also with my art.

Taking time out to create for myself means nurturing my own learning and challenging my skills in deeply private ways.  Put simply, there is so much for me to learn as an artist, and much of this must take place in the safety of solitude.

Nonetheless, I do want to continue to share my journey, and I have been posting a lot more on Instagram, and plan to continue now to update this blog.

For the most part, I have been busy with a professional focus on commercial illustration and much of it is not for me to share.  But occasionally I find I can show some things.

Hellman & Associates is a full service advertising agency whose roots are firmly planted in 50 years of world class commerical illustration.  The "full service" agency capabilities evolved as traditional illustration diminished along with the advent of the computer.

Hellman & Associates has probably the richest and most elite roll-call of American illustrators who have ever picked up a brush. Many of which are some of today's most well known artists including the very Gary Kelly.

You can imagine my humility and fear when they invited me to illustrate their 50th Anniversary comemmorative image. It was a deeply honoring commission from an extraordinary organization. To say I was teetering on the shoulders of giants was an understatement. Still, I accepted it, and I presented the finished painting, and I was profoundly grateful for the opportunity.

The image is being used by Hellman for a number of their corporate and promotional collateral and the original of this painting now hangs proudly outside the Chairman's office. And yes, I have permission to share it.

Thank you for stopping by after all this time.  I hope to stay active as I continue to focus on refining my skills and exploring my passion.

Hugs, Dion xx