Monday, August 31, 2015

Summer Sketching: Summer Park Studies

Today I'm sharing another page from my Stillman & Birn "Alpha" sketchbook.  This is a study I did over summer during my "Keeping a Watercolor Sketchbook" class.  The Cedar River runs right through where I live in Iowa and with it brings a host of natural inspiration.  This week we were sketching trees and I had to add a few geese for fun.

I'm almost done with this sketchbook and I'll be sad to fill the last page.  It's a landscape format and although I've never really worked in that format much, I've loved it so much that I will definitely be getting another one.

My summer sketching challenge is now done, but oh what a joy it's been.  Maybe I'll do a Fall challenge for myself? Thank you to everyone who has sharing this beautiful summer sketchbook challenge with me.

Thanks for stopping by. xx