Friday, July 10, 2015

Summer Sketching: Sprigs of Beauty

I have this wonderful set of friends who are all nature lovers.  Once a week we meet up on a Thursday evening and ride our bikes along the many miles of recreation trails in the Cedar Valley area.  It's ladies only--gentlemen by invitation--definitely no children!

Iowa has seen a very wet and humid summer so far and I have been amazed by the beauty of the nature foliage and wild flowers.  So I went out on the trail early and sketched this little beauty.  I also snapped some pics of this gorgeous plant.  The flowers were a little pinker than what I painted here, but I did this one some weeks ago when they were just appearing.  I did it very quickly because I wanted to capture them in the little time I had available.  Perhaps I'll use my photos as reference for a larger work one day.  Who knows?

Thanks for stopping by. xx