Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Summer Sketching: Rocky Outcrop

Yesterday in my "Watercolor Sketchbook" class we sketched and painted natural surfaces, with particular emphasis on rocks.  Rocks are remarkably forgiving in a sketchbook ad can make a scene very interesting when they are included.  This is one of the views of the ponds in the Cedar River Exchange Park where my class is being held.  I've had such a joyful time this summer, getting out and about and just sketching the moments and scenes I find myself in.  I guess that is the essence of keeping a watercolor sketchbook, or an artist's journal.

In just a few short weeks my family and I are heading off on a camping adventure.  We're going to make our way out the the Pacific Northwest where my daughter was born.  We'll be stopping at lots of wonderful national parks along the way, including "Mt Rushmore", "Devil's Tower", and "Yellowstone".  I am over the moon excited about sketching some of these places and adding to my legacy of illustrated and treasured memories.

Thanks for stopping by. xx