Monday, July 13, 2015

Mastering Twinks Part 1 & 2 - Special 50th Birthday Price For A Short Time Only!

Several years ago I created a beautiful online class called Mastering Twinking h2O's

Twinkling h2O's are mica and crystal infused pots of watercolor made by ColourArte.  They are simply sublime and have been a major part of my art process for a long time now. 

Due to the huge popularity of this first class I went on to create a follow up class, Mastering Twinkling h2O's Part 2.

Part 1 is a glittering, shimmering discovery into the world of luminescent watercolors. The class consists of 5 jam-packed lessons that teaches you all about these beautiful paints, along with technique, pdf downloads, projects, exercises, and loads of high quality video. 

Part 2 takes your twinkling journey to whole new level .  In this beautiful 5 lesson class we explore a myriad of ways to get the most from Twinkling H2O's on different surfaces, with mixed media, and by expanding your watercolor skills.  

Both of these classes combined form the ultimate journey into luminescent watercolor technique and expression.  These classes will also help ramp up your skill through the many drawing lessons peppered throughout.

So, because I'm turning 50 next month I thought I'd share the celebration by offering these two extraordinary classes together at the drastically reduced price. 

For a limited time only you can purchase a "Ultimate Twinkling h2O Class Package" for only $165 for both!  Normally they are $135 each, but until my birthday on August 24th you can get both classes combined for only $165.

Plus, you get indefinite and ongoing access to the classes and all the materials. This means you can take your time, and come and go as often as you like, even redo the lessons and projects over and over again. Each lesson is jam-packed full of learning so there is no pressure to complete the classes within any prescribed time frame.  

And to top it all off, all registered participants get a ColourArte 15% Off Coupon when they register. This coupon can be used to buy ANY ColourArte products when used directly through the ColourArte website.  Perfect if you're new to Twinkling h2O's, because you can use your coupon to purchase any of the Dion Dior Twinkling H2O Color Packs put together especially for these classes. 

Over the years these classes have helped hundreds of artists find their inner sparkle, now it's your turn.  

This offer is only available until August 24th 2015.

To Register for this one time special offer, click the Buy Now button below.

Mastering Twinks Ultimate Class Collection

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