Monday, July 20, 2015

Summer Sketching: Goose Feather

The woodlands and parks around Cedar Falls/Waterloo in Iowa are a blaze with wildlife.  Particularly the Canada Geese who seem to stay for most of the year.  They are beautiful creatures, large and silky.  Right now there is an abundance of adolescent goslings bounding around and any of the views along the Cedar River contain a sweet little goose family meandering along with the current.

Sketching them is never easy, they simply won't sit still.  But this week in my "Watercolor Sketchbook" class we'll be attempting to sketch and paint them.  But for now, I'm settling for sketching the gorgeous feathers which are everywhere.  The downside to a gaggle of geese is the copious amounts of droppings, which makes for sitting in the grass rather difficult.  This feather was done in watercolor and watercolor pencil.

Thanks for stopping by. xx