Monday, June 22, 2015

Summer Sketching: Cedar River

Although I've been off-line for most of this year, I have been concentrating on teaching live classes at the Waterloo Center for the Arts in Iowa.  I've had quite the full schedule during spring with "Intro to Watercolor", and "Painting Watercolor Flowers in Spring".

This week sees the beginning of my summer session, and on Tuesday June 23rd, I'll be teaching a brand new class called "Keeping a Watercolor Sketchbook". This is the class I've always wanted to teach and I'm so excited.  The Waterloo Center for the Arts has a beautiful Boathouse facility right on the banks of the Cedar River.  It was completely destroyed in the floods of 2008 and has since be rebuilt to perfection.

The Boathouse is situated within a huge park and we'll be taking full advantage of our surroundings.  It is a six week class and I'll be covering everything from materials and techniques, to watercolor sketching the world around us.  We'll be out and about in the park every evening, learning how to paint rocks, trees, buildings, landscape vistas, and random objects.

My intent is to demystify the art of keeping a sketchbook journal and bring my students into a life-long love of gentle watercolor sketching.  If you're in the Cedar Valley area over summer, why don't you consider joining me.  You can sign up by calling the Waterloo Center for the Arts on (319) 291-4490, or by filling out the online registration form and email directly to here.  And if you do sign up and don't have time to get supplies, let me know and I can put a kit together for you at low cost.

Thanks for stopping by. xx