Friday, June 12, 2015

Summer Sketching: Rainy Day Sketching

It's a rainy day and my well laid plans for getting out and sketching today have fizzled.

I don't mind the rain, or even the intense heat when I'm able to sit under an umbrella or in the shade of a tree and sketch quietly, but mostly I have children in tow, so my sketching adventures have to be modified to playgrounds, picnics, or library windows and such.

I always take a camera, especially when I'm with kids, because I'm always seeing things that under any other circumstances I would sit and sketch right there, but when you're not alone and the people you're with don't want to sit still and watch you sketch, then a photo is necessary.

So on days like today, I plow through my photos and choose scenes to sketch like this little window scene I photograph many years ago on my global travels. It was a quick sketch done in watercolor and ink.

Sketching from a photo doesn't have quite the same powerful recall as taking the time to capture a moment in situ, but it works nonetheless.

Today is one of those rainy days where I'll be looking through photos in between games of scrabble and the like!

Make the most of every moment by making art a part of it.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend. xx