Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Words To Live By

"Every moment is a golden one
for him who has the vision to recognize it as such."

~Henry Miller

I am in week two of teaching "Introduction To Watercolor" at the 
beautiful "Waterloo Center for the Arts" and what a joyful group.  
There is so much to say about the connections made and the 
beauty created in live classes, it is so fulfilling for me.

For this first session in spring I am already inspired by the creativity, 
passion, and beauty that each of these creative beings brings to the experience.  
We have six wonderful weeks together and I am amazed at the journey unfolding for them already.

It is true, every moment IS a golden one, if we stop and look at it that way.  
Golden and jewel encrusted!

For more info of my upcoming live classes, and my one-day workshop
 on "Keeping A Watercolor Sketchbook" scheduled for May, please click here.

Enjoy your day, and thanks for stopping by. xx