Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Embrace the Calm

Here we are in the midst of yet another holiday season.  Don't they come and go quickly?  

It's always such a crazy, frenzied, stressful time of year for me, and I start wondering what it's really all about.

We don't do the big commercial Christmas type thing in my house, we prefer to keep things small and meaningful.

We don't encourage the "Santa" myth with our kids, they know that gifts come from people and not a cartoon character.

We don't even embrace the "...time for giving..." philosophy, we prefer to focus on "...a time for sharing...".  

That doesn't mean we don't buy our kids a gift at Christmas, we do, but it's usually small and meaningful.
Their expectations have been managed a long time ago as we have tried to ground them in truth rather than commercialism.  

Anyway, with so many cultures observing so many different holidays at this time of year, I'd like you to know that I think your celebration is the right one.  

Your choice of observation, prayer, ritual, and belief is sacred to you, and respected by me.

So, today I'm sending my heart and strength to the people of Sydney and all of my homeland, Australia.  
 And I'm also sending my heart to all the people around the world adversely affected by religious fundamentalism and terrorism.  It's nothing more than desperate insanity. 

My wish this season is for the world to be calm, and embrace peace and tolerance!

Thanks for stopping by. xx