Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Cover Illustration - Stillman & Birn "Epsilon" Sketchbook

This week I received a few of the Stillman & Birn "Epsilon" Series Sketchbooks with the newly designed packaging.  I am thrilled to share with you that the 6" x 8" spiral bound book bears my illustration of two blue poppies.

It was a huge joy and honor to have my art included once again on one of these premium quality sketchbooks. Previously, I was honored to have my illustration of an iris appear on one of the new "Zeta" books.  

Interestingly, when Stillman & Birn asked me to show them some potential illustrations for the new packaging I submitted a series of floral renderings that I had done in watercolor and ink, and it just so happened that they were done in an "Epsilon" book. So what a thrill when they chose this one to appear on an "Epsilon" range.  Here are a few pages from my "Epsilon" sketchbooks done in a variety of media including heavy washes of watercolor and acrylic:

For those of you who don't know, the "Epsilon" series sketchbook contains 150gsm (100lb) heavyweight, smooth, white paper.  Perfect for pen, ink, dry media, or light washes.  But to be honest, I've put this book through it's paces over the years and it holds much much more.  I use the "Epsilon" and the "Zeta" for most of my work.  

The "Zeta" is a super heavyweight 270gsm (180lb) version of the "Epsilon".  I use the "Zeta" a lot for final version illustrations and renderings, and the "Epsilon" for everyday art-journaling and sketchbook work.  Both are absolutely indispensable. Both books are available in a range of sizes in both spiral and hard bound.  Here are some illustrations I've done using the "Zeta" series sketchbook:

You can check out the entire range of Stillman & Birn "Sketchbooks" HERE.

Thanks for checking in. xx