Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Painting Bell-Shaped Flowers

This week in my "Painting Watercolor Flowers" class, we've been sketching and painting bell-shaped flowers.  We've been exploring the concepts of controlling paint-flow in order to achieve translucence in these beautiful blooms. It's a simple technique with amazing results.

Much like watercolor pencil work, gentle, considered layering is an important part of building up the subtle color tones in both the blooms and the foliage when painting flowers.  Learning to slow down, tackle the subject one piece at a time, and focus on the amount of water versus the quantity of paint on your brush are important factors.

Painting in this detail, almost realistic way is fast becoming one of my favorite techniques.  Probably because of the meditative, almost zen effect this process has on me.  My breathing slows down as does my heart rate, I focus in on the simple color of the curl in a petal which eliminates from view all the clutter around me.

Yesterday in class every one of the students started out terrified of tackling this technique, convinced that they wouldn't be able to do it, but by the time the class finished, each one of them had painted a beautiful Campanula in such a way that they we amazed.  This is what I love about teaching, the feedback I get when students have that "A-ha" moment after trying something they are convinced they can't do.  It's joyful.

Next week, well be painting daffodils and extending on the techniques of controlling the paint flow and tackling under-painting for shadow.  I can't wait.  

Also, next week I'll be announcing my 2015 teaching schedule which will include 2 new online classes and a host of live classes and 1-2 day workshops.  If you'd like to help host a live 1 or 2 day workshop for your group or art friends in your area, please email me so we can talk through logistics and I can get it on my schedule.

Don't forget to join me on Friday for "Friday Sketches", I always love to see what everyone has been creating.

Enjoy your day, and thanks for checking in. xx