Monday, October 20, 2014

A Quiet Autumn Day

Sometimes it's just so important to stop and enjoy those quiet moments.  Here in the mid-west, Autumn can put on quite a show, and this year seems to be more spectacular than ever.  By all reports, it will be heralding a rather cold winter, so in anticipation of that, we are capturing the sunny days as much as possible before we all go into hibernation.

My little family and I enjoy some lovely gentle autumn rituals not the least of these is making the most of the falling leaves, cooking pumpkin soup (that's my Aussie heritage), Saturday morning waffles, Sunday drives, and long afternoon walks through the golden forests.   

The weather on Sunday was one of those gorgeous, crisp, autumn days that simply had to be treasured, here are some images of our quiet autumn day yesterday.

Thomas took his sisters lead and found joy in kicking and jumping in the piles of leaves that Jay was trying to rake.

Pumpkin carving, although something new to an Aussie, was joyful fun this year.  It seems that Thomas is beginning to develop more of an awareness of what is going on around him and he was quite fascinated with the faces we made.  He played with them for hours.

Discovering our autumn garden has been as exciting as it was during spring and summer.  Garden's are so important to me and when we bought this house in February, we had no ideas the garden was going to be so glorious.  The established trees are no exception.

Megan is one of those kids who finds joy in everything, and I mean everything. Playing in the leaf piles was no exception.

Make the most of all those quiet moments, and thanks for stopping by. xx