Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Watercolor Pencil - Some Student Work

A snapshot from the final project of Lesson 1 of "Watercolor Pencils" online class.

"Watercolor Pencils" online workshop is underway and I am so amazed at the courage and enthusiasm of so many of the participants taking this class that I just had to share some of their work from the first lesson's project.

In Week 1, we cover a lot of ground getting to know how watercolor pencils work, and examining such areas as work area set-up, basic technique, and color mixing with pencils.  There is a lot to absorb, and by the end of the lesson students use what they have learned to render a painting of a hot air balloon.

Many of these students are total beginners to art in any form, and some have explored creative pursuits, but may have never used watercolor pencils before. So the experience is something different for everyone. But the part that I love the most about this process is seeing people completely amazed at the work they find they are capable of producing. Their astonishment in being able to paint something they never dreamed they could do is the ultimate for me. 

Learning a new medium is a challenge and sadly in this day and age so many people are looking for that quick fix when it comes to art.  They expect to sign up for a class and be able to paint extraordinary work within the first week. 

So I spend a lot of time in all my classes teaching people to slow down, to explore the technique first and then apply it to painting in ways that are cohesive with their own skill level and style. Some people resist this process, they would prefer to rush through without spending the time refining their skills, they expect to be spoon-fed every element of the creative process without learning to make decisions for themselves, they expect to be able to paint like a master without doing the work.  Yet others become slave to their fears of not being able to do something, they worry what people will think or they convince themselves that they are not capable...they are wrong.  Everyone is capable, everyone has artistic skill, it just needs to be unlocked.

And for those who slow down, open themselves to the learning journey, overcome their unfounded fears, and methodically work through the processes and techniques presented, their excitement and amazement at what they find themselves capable of producing is profoundly gratifying...to both me and to them!

There are hundreds of participants taking the "Watercolor Pencils" journey, from all walks of life, with all types of skills and expectations. So I wanted to share just a handful of some of the extraordinary work that they are producing from our first weeks project.

"Hot Air Balloon" by Andrea

"Hot Air Balloon" by Catherine

"Hot Air Balloon" by Diana

"Hot Air Balloon" - by Donna

"Hot Air Balloon" by Janet

"Hot Air Balloon" by Kathleen

"Hot Air Balloon" by Kristeen

"Hot Air Balloon" by Maria

"Hot Air Balloon" by Poornima

"Hot Air Balloon" by Puneet

This is just a snipped of the work being produced and I am so excited.  Please show your gratitude to these courageous creative beings and leave them an encouraging comment.  If you'd like to join in this extraordinary journey, there is still time.  

Copyright on all these images in held by the original artists and they reserve all rights.

Thank you for stopping by. xx