Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday Sketches - Week 23

"Rainbow Butterfly"
Faber-Castell Albrecht Durer Watercolor Pencil in a Stillman & Birn "Epsilon" Series Sketchbook

 Welcome to Friday Sketches.  This week has been quite the week, it's the last full week of summer vacation before the children go back to school, plus it's the lead up to Thomas' 5th birthday this weekend. (You can read a little of his story here). 

To celebrate his birthday, I'm taking $10 off all my online classes for the entire month of August (not including Splash & Scribble which is part of 21 Secrets).

To browse my class offerings, please click here.

I've also been burning the midnight oil in preparation for my my "Watercolor Pencils" class that goes live next month, so unfortunately blogging continues to take a back seat.

I thought I'd share this sketch I did as part of this class.  It is one of the exercises that focuses on the Watercolor Pencil Color Wheel.

I have been enjoying the wonderful sketches that have been posted by participants of last week's "Friday Sketches".  Be sure to check them out and leave them a comment to let them know you appreciate their work.

If you'd like to share what you've been creating this week in your sketchbook or art journal, click the link below, and be sure to leave a link back here in your blog post.

Have a wonderful weekend, and thanks for stopping by. xx

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  1. Your post this week brought forth an Oh Wow from me when I got here. Your colorful butterfly and flower painting is just gorgeous.

  2. Oh my gosh, what an amazing sketch. I'm almost speechless at this incredible color explosion!

  3. Gorgeous artwork. Happy PPF, Annette x

  4. The FLOWER is amazing as is the butterfly. I can't wait for class to begin!

  5. Hi Dion! I hope you are well! The blending on your butterfly is just exquisite. The Albrecht Durer w/c pencils have such brilliant color. Your work is beautiful, as always. Have a terrific weekend and happy, happy birthday to Thomas! Hugs, Terri

  6. Love the colors!!! Good luck with your classes.

  7. Your butterfly is exquisite. What a talented artist you are!

  8. Absolutely gorgeous! Happy PPF and thank you for the platform to share our work here too! - Irma

  9. As soon as I saw this beautiful post, I suspected and hoped that it might be part of the watercolor pencil class! She's a beauty and I look forward to meeting her again.

  10. You sketches are so bright and bold. The water color pencils are a favorite of my husbands. They are fun to use.
    Have a great weekend


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