Monday, July 28, 2014

Watercolor Pencil "Fuchsia" - Step by Step


I've been in full swing filming projects for my upcoming "Watercolor Pencil" online class.  This class is the first part of the new "Water Soluble Series" that I will be offering over the coming year.  I'm extremely excited about how this is shaping up.  It is a six-lesson class that is jam packed with technique, exercises, drawing lessons, projects, and inspiration. 


In this class, I take participants through a journey into watercolor pencils, teaching a range of techniques that will give their artwork a magical depth and vibrancy.  Watercolor pencils are fantastically versatile.  Almost everyone has them in their art box, but not many people know how to truly use them. 


This painting of a "Fuchsia" is one of the projects for this class.  It is done entirely in watercolor pencil using a number of different techniques to achieve the color glow and detail.  Building up layers is an important way to achieve dimension, and knowing how to build a wet layer over a dry is extremely helpful.


Another important element of watercolor pencil technique is knowing how to effectively mix colors from a limited palette to achieve a host of color effects and tones.  Before I start a painting like this I create a "Color Test" page in my sketchbook where I will experiement with a number of different colors and several different mixing techniques to try to get a color match that is as close as possible to my subject.


This color test page is vital to the process of understanding how the pencils interact with each other, and how the different application techniques can affect the outcome of texture and dimension. In this class I take you step by step through creating a color test page and different mixing techniques.


"Watercolor Pencils" goes live on September 18th. It is a jam-packed 6-lesson class that will help bring your art to a new dimension.  Access is ongoing and indefinite.  

If you would like more information, including a suggested supplies list, please click here.

Enjoy your week and thanks for checking in. xx