Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday Sketches - Week 16

Summer Rose

Welcome to Week 16 of Friday Sketches. This week I'm sketching my "Prize Bloom"

I've had such a crazy busy week this week and haven't blogged as much as usual.  But we all have weeks like that.  I am in full swing filming my "Watercolor Pencils" online class which goes live in September.  It's a joy to work in watercolor pencils, the versatility of techniques in amazing and just by using them I'm discovering new ways to make them sing.

Summer Rose

I've discovered that my new garden has more than ten rose bushes.  Roses are my favorite flower of all time, and when I lived in Australia I grew them a lot.  In fact one of my homes had over 38 rose bushes of every color imaginable.

As soon as we moved in here and the snow melted, I got to work pruning the bushes that had long been neglected. I'm not a great gardener, but roses I can do!

Summer Rose

So, over he past two weeks I've been enjoying the first wave or rose blooms from my bushes.  The best thing you can do for a rose bush is to cut off the blooms and buds on long stems and put them in a vase.  This encourages the bush to bloom more and keeps it well contained.

Summer Rose

Bring them into the house and put them in a large vase with clean water.  I don't usually add anything, but sometimes I might throw in a dash of bleach.  Don't over crowd the vase or the stems will compete for water and none of them will do well.

Summer Rose

So this sketch is the first big rose bloom from my bush and I had such a joyful time sketching it in my Stillman & Birn Epsilon Sketchbook.  In fact, I got so caught up in what was going to be a simple watercolor pencil sketch, that I forgot to turn the camera on to film it.  Never mind, I'll just have to paint another rose for the class.

Summer Rose

You can see that the watercolor pencils offer a variety of effects from sharp lines and contours, to soft subject blends and glazes.  Most of these techniques I will be teaching in September. 

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