Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday Sketches - Week 15

Back Yard in Port

Welcome to Friday Sketches.  This week I'm honoring my sister's 50th birthday, so in keeping with that, I thought I would share a sketch I did of her back yard last Aussie summer.

Back Yard in Port

Some people have a knack of creative beautiful spaces with simple things.  Little sculpture, a brick path, hanging ornaments, and well placed plants and trees.  My sister is one of those people.  Her back yard is a wonderful, serene, peaceful place to be, and I pend many hours sketching in it.

Back Yard in Port

This is just a quick watercolor and ink sketch, but looking back on it now brings back so many wonderful memories.

My sister turned 50 this week and I wanted to wish her happy birthday again.

Back Yard in Port

What's the view over your back yard?  Cities, trees, snow, ocean??  You can share your Friday Sketches by clicking the link at the end of this post.

Friday Sketches Banner

So, once again, last week's Friday Sketches delivered some truly brilliant work.  I'm so excited to see what everyone has been doing, and it's not just sketching, some people paint and I love it.  Here is a taste of Week 14.

If you'd like to join in and share your art on Friday Sketches, please click the link below.  And remember to put a link back here in your blog post or photo file.

Thanks for checking in. xx