Monday, May 5, 2014

Wisdom Circles

Welcome to a new week.  I hope you had a wonderful arty weekend.

I love to create mandalas.  These beautiful, meditative structures give the artist a wonderful place to explore and express your creativity using a range of mixed-media.

Working in the shape of the circle is a wonderful way to explore texture and pattern.  I use mandalas to express my thoughts and experiences in an abstract, non-definitive way.  

Repeating patterns can be powerful.

Wisdom Circles in my online mandala  class offering.  It is a 3-lesson mini-class that explores the creative art of mandala making using Arthurian legend as a platform.

It is a powerful, relaxing, gentle, self-guided online workshop.

 This mandala called "The Garden of Eden" was done in mixed media on tinted pastel paper.

Wisdom Circles is on sale now for only $35.  

Thanks for checking in. xx