Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Wet Pastel Poppy

Today I'm playing with water soluble wax pastel and water soluble ink.

I began this poppy with a simple outline using Water Soluble Black Marker.

 I then applied a light smear of pastel in the areas I want painted and brushed over it with clean water, touching the initial black outline of the poppy very gently to allow just a hint of smear.

I absolutely love the vibrancy of wax pastel.  The creamy, buttery finish, the delicate way it blends.  

Directing the brush strokes to create texture and definition is a necessary part of working in wet pastel. 

Knowing which parts of the flower to paint first and using the black water soluble marker to imply shadow is a great little trick.

Have a great day and thanks for checking in. xx