Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday Sketches - Week 10

This week for Friday Sketches, I'm sharing a quick watercolor sketch I did of a bird.  Admitedly, this bird was done from a photo reference as I'm not so good an artist that I can capture the details of a bird in flight. But it is sybolic of my week, marvelling in the arrival of spring.  It was done using Sennelier Watercolors in a Stillman & Birn Alpha Sketchbook.

My garden is filling with life and my house is filling with energy.

Here are some sketches from participants of last week's Friday Sketches.

birds waiting
Sentiments and Scrapbooks
photo 2
Purple Salt

What have you been sketching this week?  Please share you Friday Sketches by adding your blog-post or image link using the Linky tool below.  Don't forget to put a link back to here in your blog post.

It's Paint Party Friday, so get into your Artists Play Room, and get Creative Every Day
And as if that's not enough, Julie Balzer is sharing a series of must-have art journaling supplies for Art Journal Every Day.  Check it out.

Thanks for checking in. xx