Tuesday, May 6, 2014

All Creative Souls

Creative Souls 

There are many creative communities around, especially on the internet.  I am a part of several of them, but I wanted to share one particular mixed media group that I think is amazing.

 The Art of Journaling

Creative Souls is an online community, a diverse gathering of over two and a half thousand creative individuals, all sharing, supporting, teaching, and encouraging each other.  

There are lots of specialist groups within this community for connecting and sharing in areas as diverse as art journaling, writing, Photoshop, art swaps, and animation...to name a few. They also have a blog which features artists interview, art competitions, and tips, as well as a market place for selling art.

Angela and her team at Creative Souls are beautiful, encouraging, and welcoming.  So if you're looking to connect on a deeper level to other creatives, then pop on over to Creative Souls and sign up.

Did I mention it's FREE?? 

(All the art shown here is from the Creative Souls website and is under copyright.)

Thanks for checking in. xx