Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wisdom Circle - Energy

Sometimes it is just enjoyable to sketch or doodle without purpose or definition.

Sketching mandalas has long been a form of meditation and relaxation for me.  It is usually through mandala sketching that I work through problems and ideas, or try out new materials and colors.

I know making mandalas is an important part of creative practice for many of you as well.  Symmetry, form, color, line, shape, style...these are all elements that can be explored through mandalas. 

Mandalas are quick and easy and the possibilities are endless.  If you are interested in exploring mandalas more, then you might be interested in my online mini-class "Wisdom Circles".

Do you make mandalas?  If so, what is it about them that connects to you?

Thanks for checking in. xx