Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tutorial & Giveaway: Watercolor Pencil Poppy

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So, I wanted to show you how I did this very simple and quick watercolor pencil sketch of a poppy.  

This is a wonderful way to quickly capture simple subjects such as flowers or landscapes.  You can take a small selection of watercolor pencils with you out and about. There's no mess, and no heavy art bags to cart around.

Start with a very basic outline of a poppy using colors that match your subject. There is a list of colors I use in the project at the end of this post.

Lightly shade the petals on your poppy, building up colors in the darker areas to represent shadow.  Make sure your pencil lines follow the contours of the flower petals. 

Leave some white space in the center.

Color in the foliage by layering yellow first, then green tones.  Leave some yellow for the lighter areas of your leaves and use darker shading of green or even blue for the edges and overlaps.

Using a flat damp brush, wash over your pencil marks, making sure your are brushing in the direction of your pencils lines. This helps represent the contours on the flower.  Let the pencil dilute and blend a little at the edges.  You will not eliminate your pencils strokes entirely.

Wash the leaves with clean water, be sure to leave some areas lighter. You can dab out some of your pencil marks before they dry to describe highlights.

Once your first layer is dry, use more dry pencil to define the shadow areas on your flower and leaves.  Lightly wash these marks with a round brush and only a touch of water.  Too much water will wash out your texture and blend the colors too much.

When you are happy with your subject, you can use a fine line pen or marker to outline your subject.  This is optional and depends on the effect you are trying to achieve.

To finish it off, use a wet, flat brush and swipe the tip of your watercolor pencil.  This loads your brush as if you had dipped it into a watercolor paint box.  Wash the background behind your flower.  You will achieve a similar effect as you would with regular watercolor paint.

Use a white paint pen or marker to define the center of your flower.

This is a very simple and quick study of a poppy.  As part of this sketchbook page, I made swatches of the colors I used.  The pencils used in this tutorial were Derwent Inktense Water Soluble Ink Pencils.

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