Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday Sketches & Giveaway: Quick Sketches

Friday sketches is a weekly opportunity for you to share what you've been doing in your sketchbook It enables you to practice your sketching while capturing the beauty and simplicity of the world around you. There are no rules except that your work must be in a sketchbook or art journal.  You can use any mediums, any techniques, and sketch any subjects you like, and all you have to do is link your blog post or images back to here.

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"Quick Watercolor Pencil Sketches" 

Welcome to Friday Sketches, today I wanted to share the simplicity and beauty of quick sketching, and I've decided to use watercolor pencil.

Watercolor pencils are so versatile.  For quick sketching out and about, they are one of the simplest forms of adding color and texture to your sketchbook pages.  They are easy to carry around, they make no mess.  You can sketch directly in watercolor pencil, you can dilute them, paint with them, layer them, and draw over them with pen and ink.  I love them!

All of these sketches were done on location in my little town of Cedar Falls, Iowa over the last year or so (some of them I've shared before).  They're all done in watercolor pencil and ink using a variety of techniques.


Often times, capturing sketches in color can infuse your memories in such a powerful way.  And watercolor pencils are one of the best forms of simple and effective ways to add color to quick sketches.

If you haven't had a chance to catch up, I launched my newest online class on Monday.  It's called "Watercolor Pencils" and is the first class in the "Water Soluble Series".  I've been giving away places on this class all week.

I'm thrilled to announce Thursday's winner  is:

Janine Parr Heifetz

Congratulations Janine! Please email me to confirm your registration.

Today is the last day of the giveaway and for the finale, I'm giving away 2 places to participants of Friday Sketches.   Yep, that's right, I'm trying to encourage more people to share their sketchbook pages and build their sketching habit, so these places are limited to linked participants of Friday Sketches.  And the good news is, anyone can link up!

You don't have to follow a theme, or use specific tools, you just have to share what you've been doing in your sketchbook each week.  And by linking up, you are connecting to a broader community of sketchers and getting exposure to a lot of people who share the same creative passion.

If you want to share your sketchbook pages, AND be in the running to win a spot on "Watercolor Pencils", use the Linky tool (not the comments section) at the end of this post to connect your Friday Sketches via your blog, photo sharing, or other social media URL. 

Your link must be of your specific blog post or image URL, not a generic address, and you must have a link back to here somewhere in your post.  I will be visiting all the participants and will be letting you know if you've won by leaving a comment on your post.

What have you been sketching this week? I know a lot of you have been trying out the watercolor pencil tutorials I've been posting this week (here, here, & here).  I'd LOVE to see your work.

 Share your Friday Sketches and go in the draw to win one of two places in "Watercolor Pencils". You have all week to link up your sketchbook pages.  I'll be announcing the two winners next week as part of "Friday Sketches".   

For more information on the "Watercolor Pencils" class, or to take advantage of the early bird special, please click here.

It's also a Paint Party Friday, so get into your Artist's Play Room and be Creative Every Day in your Art Journal Every Day.

Thanks for checking in and good luck. xx