Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Apple On The Branch

Last week I showed you my attempt at a more realistic style of botanical sketching.  I rendered some oranges on the branch and you can see that post here.  

This week I've been playing around with my usual quick sketching style and trying to capture a little more of the texture of fruit.

This sketch of appleson the branch was done quickly and simply using ink over watercolor.  There's little to no detail in the leaves but I tried to capture a sense of the color changes on the apple just using brush strokes. Unfortunately, there are weeks when time is in short supply and I don't have time to undertake a meticulous and considered work, so the quick sketches win out.

I consider it a quick study of the apple on the branch.  It was done from a photo and may end up being a useful as a preliminary study for something bigger and more detailed in the future.

It was done in a S&B "Zeta" Sketchbook using Sennelier Watercolors and ink.

Welcome to April, I hope the weather is lovely wherever you are and that you are enjoying your week.

Thanks for checking in. xx