Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Transfer Tricks

This week marks the final lesson in the current session of "Mastering Twinks Part 2".   It's been an incredible journey with a large group of truly amazing artists.  

This class filled up completely before it even started, and has proven to be one of the most rewarding and joyful experiences I've had as an online art teacher.

Part 2 in the "Mastering Twinks" series is all about Twinkling Expression, with the ultimate goal of helping people find their own beautiful and creative style.  

In this final week students have been stretched and challenged with a series of projects that helps them put their own unique expression into their art.

There has been so many new techniques that the students have been introduced to over the past 5 weeks, and one of them has been a series of 'transfer' techniques.  Learning how to transfer images of their own art onto other pages or projects. They then take these transferred images and use their painting skills to create really beautiful art, unusual, and unique art or art-journal pages.

This page uses one of those transfer techniques. An image of my painted flowers was transferred into a S&B "Beta" Series sketchbook, then it was embellished and extended using Twinkling h2O's and Ink to create a beautiful, simple, stylized sketchbook page.

The new session of Mastering Twinks Part 2 "On Demand" has just opened for registration.  It is a five lesson online class that is jam packed with luminescent watercolor technique, drawing lessons, exercises, inspiration, and step-by-step projects. Plus, you get forever access to all the videos, PDF downloads, materials, and forums.

Thanks for checking in. xx