Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Scent Of Citrus

The wonderful thing about sketchbook art is that you can paint anything you like.  Well, I guess that can be said of any art, but particularly so with the sketchbook.

Learning to let go of perfection is a really difficult phase in the artists journey, but until you can do that, you'll never truly step into your wild and beautiful creativity.

Keeping an artists sketchbook enables you to play, experiment, and fail gracefully.  It is a deeply personal and very safe place for the artist to be.

Who would of thought a glass of OJ could be so much fun to paint, but it was.  And for no other reason that sketching and painting this composition was done with pure abandon.

When you find the time, and courage to sketch the simple things in life, you're giving yourself permission to grow as an artist.  And every page in your sketchbook becomes a treasured memory of your journey.

Thanks for checking in. xx