Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Bowl Of Violets

As I start to settle into my new home in Iowa I am beginning to feel more motivated and energized. 

Change and transition are hard for anyone but once familiarity returns, so does our sense of belonging.

My art supplies and studio equipment are still some weeks away, so I am working from a very small stash of art tools.  But it doesn't matter how little I have on hand, what matters is that I don't stop creating.

I've been finishing up the last few pages of my S&B "Beta" Series sketchbook with some wonderful loose and free watercolor flower sketches that have me yearning for spring.  

I just picked up a new "Zeta" and an "Epsilon" series sketchbook and have been working away at the quiet end of my kitchen table, flexing my art muscles, and honing my observation . 

This little bowl of violets was sketched from a photo reference.  There isn't much to sketch in my garden right now as the snow is only just melting away, but I hope in the coming weeks to see some buds poking their heads through the earth which I know will find their way into my books.

When time is short, simple, fast, and imperfect sketches are the way to go.  

There is no excuse for not creating, it can be done anywhere, at any time, with any materials, and keep in mind that it's never the outcome that matters, but rather the process of creating.

Enjoy your Thursday and don't forget to join me tomorrow for a new "Friday Sketches" theme.

Thanks for checking in. xx