Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Zeta Rose

When Stillman & Birn were about to release their newest line of papers called "Zeta", I was lucky enough to test out some sheets.

I did quite a lot of playing around with different media and was completely thrilled with the results.  The "Zeta" paper seemed to take anything and everything I could throw at it.

"Zeta" is 180lb smooth surface, much like traditional hot-press.  It has strong surface sizing and is a beautiful natural white, which brings out the vibrancy of color like nothing else.  I favor water soluble media, and for fun I thought I would try out my Sennelier Soft Pastels on the "Zeta" paper. 

This rose was done by washing the pastel with water after it was applied. Most soft pastels are water soluble, but often the colors are dull and diluted.  Sennelier pastels hold up well to wet washes, even though that is not what they were designed for.  I would recommend a fixative to seal it once you're done.  

I defined the rose with black marker to finish.  

Enjoy the rest of your week and thanks for checking in. xx