Monday, February 24, 2014

Twinkling Art Workshop

After a lot of preparation, marketing, and anticipation, I'm excited to say that my new online class, Mastering Twinks Part 2 - Twinkling Expressions has finally started.

After only a few days I am astounded at the quality of work that the participants are sharing.  It's humbling really!

Many of the participants have come from Mastering Twinks Part 1 - Twinkling Discoveries and it has been joyful to watch their evolution as artists.

Twinkling h2O's are the tools we use, but the class is all about watercolor technique, with the emphasis is on "Luminescent" watercolor. That means using color, blends, and light to create breath-taking art. 

 Twinkling h2O's are infused with mica and other minerals which enhances the vibrancy of the color pigment and leaves a subtle twinkle on the page. 


Works done with Twinkling h2Os appear to have their own light source.  The pages glow with color and and the subjects dance with light.

I am so thrilled to be guiding this amazing series of classes.  Both Twinkling Discoveries and Twinkling Expressions remain open for registration, so if you'd like to explore the exquisite world of luminescent watercolor, please join me.

Thanks for checking in. xx