Monday, February 17, 2014

Change & Transition

Change and transition are both a blessing and curse.  I believe our most profound growth comes from these places.

I've been going through one of those periods of change and although it's been challenging, it is resulting in an exciting and beautiful transformation for me.  This transformation, I know will have ripple affects across all the aspects of my life, especially my art.

Change is never easy, but when the familiar ground on which one stands begins to break away it can become quite frightening. Artistically, this can be a serendipity, learning to let go fear and expectation, learning to trust in a process that is unfamiliar, and letting your instinct take you in a direction that is completely unfamiliar can be so powerful.

The landscape of the coming year has already changed from what I planned. But that's OK, the landscape around me is changing everyday and I must change along with it if I am to thrive.

 Over the past few months, my husband and I made the impossible decision to pack up and return to the USA after only 8 months in Australia. The main driver behind this decision has been the quality of care and support available to our Autistic son.  

Quite simply, we found that there is so much more available to an Autistic child in the US, so many more opportunities for learning and development, much more emphasis and acceptance of the Autistic community, and a plethora of Autism specific programs, that in our minds, it was an easy choice and one that was available to us.


 Plus the medical team at the University of Iowa Children's Hospital is world class, and given Thomas is still battling medical challenges, we felt it was better for him to be back with the people who have been caring for him all his short life.

I have no interest in sparking a debate about the pro's and con's of one countries support for Autistic children over another.  Both countries are different and each offers something unique.  But this decision was available to us, and although it meant leaving my precious and beautiful homeland and my family there once again, we realized that Thomas only has one childhood, and one chance to maximize his learning and development. 

So in our experience (and we have more than most), the US gave us what we believe to be the best options for our son. End of story!

I am multicultural.  A person who is part of two cultures, and although this can be hard, it is also a gift.  I will always have two homes, I will always be pulled between the two countries I love so much. I am an extremely lucky person, and very very happy to be home in the US once more.  

 Life is slowly getting back to normal, we are setting up home in Iowa again, I am reconnecting to my friends and my community, and I am awaiting the start of Mastering Twinks Part 2 this week with much excitement and anticipation. I have a lot of wonderful things planned for my blog and artistic offerings over the coming months, including two new online classes and a return of the much anticipated "A Taste of Silks" online class through Luminarte.  So stay tuned.

Thank you again for your patience and support while I have been in transition.  

And as always, thanks for checking in. xx