Friday, January 10, 2014

Words To Live By

"Sometimes our lives have to be completely shaken up, changed and rearranged to relocate us to the place we're meant to be."

It's been quite a few weeks since I last blogged.  The longest period away from blogging since I started some years ago.  I am very sorry to those of you who check in on me every day.  Sometimes life swings us in directions that we don't expect and we have to rearrange or energy in order to accommodate our priorities.

I have been going through some unexpected and rather large transitions of late.  My little life has been somewhat shaken up by circumstance and choice and I find myself facing some pretty big challenges in the coming months. Over the past few months I have had to direct all of my energy towards my family. My husband and children have needed me more than usual and it has always been my priority to be present and available for them.  But having an energetic and complex autistic child is an added challenge that I must rise to meet.  In this there are always self-sacrifices.

I have also be working very hard (mostly in the wee small hours of the night) preparing my new class offering "Mastering Twinks 2 - Twinkling Expressions".  This class is probably my best class yet, my "Magnum Opus" so to speak.  I have been pouring my heart and soul into what is shaping up to be an extraordinary online class experience, and with only 6 weeks to go before it begins, I already have several hundred registrations, people who are trusting me to exceed their expectations and who are giving me the honor of guiding them through the a very personal phase of their own artistic journey.

Many of these participants have come from my other classes, mostly "Mastering Twinks 1 - Twinkling Discoveries".  But there is a big group of people who are coming into this class without having taken any of my classes before, they are trusting my reputation and their own instinct for what I can offer them.  I am deeply honored by their trust and it has been an amazing journey preparing this new class with that in mind.

 I have continued to work in my art journal or illustrated diary as I am now calling it.  But the entries have been too raw and personal for me to feel comfortable about sharing.  And I find that every time I sit down to the computer to blog, I am blocked by a need to remain quiet.

I have also been rethinking many of my commitments for the coming year.  2014 is going to be a year of transition and rebuilding for me and I have to accept my limitations and my priorities.  My art is changing, my ideas are reforming, and dreams are morphing.  I have to open myself up to these changes and let life take me to where I need to be.  If there is still grace to choose a word for the year, then mine will be "Acceptance".  

I will share with you some of my challenges over the coming weeks as I feel ready.

(This page was done in my Stillman & Birn "Epsilon" Series Sketchbook using Luminarte's Twinkling h2O's , Faber-Castell Albrecht Durer Watercolor Pencils, and Tombow Dual Brush Water Soluble Markers.)

Thanks for checking in xx