Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Negative Painting

I love works done in the "Negative" style of painting.   That is where the artist emphasizes the negative space around the subject in order to introduce many layers.  It can be so simple, yet complex at the same time and the light and shadow work together to bring certain aspects forward, and push others back into the depths of the painting.

I'm not the greatest at this style, but I absolutely love it and I plan to paint more in this way.  During the Southern Hemisphere spring I was able to enjoy many hours sitting in my sister's garden with my sketchbook.  She has some spectacular fruit trees that are a symphony of blooms during the spring.

I painted this little one from the sketches and photos I'd taken in her garden and gave it to her as a gift this Christmas.  I loved doing it, it gave me such a wonderful sense of joy. 

I hope you're enjoying your week.  Happy painting.
Thanks for checking in. xx