Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Journey of Twinkling Proportions

I become so single minded when I'm producing a new online class that I am often amazed at how the video footage turns out. Switching hats from artist/instructor to producer/editor is never easy, but in the world of online art classes, that's what we have to do.  I've been producing online art classes for several years now and am thrilled at how I have become better and more efficient with the technology. That's a huge feat for someone like me.

In the first few years I stumbled my way through filming and editing, it was a tedious labor that consumed so many hours I had to questions whether it was worth it.  But now I know my equipment better, and more importantly, I have a greater sense of what works and how to present it to an online audience.

I am a very simple person, bells and whistles don't always sit well with me, so I wanted to produce my classes in a simple, intuitive and very uncluttered way.  This has proved to be extremely popular with my students and I receive a lot of feedback about how easy my classes are to navigate, how clear the content and instruction is, and rewarding the experience.

It is a great honor everytime someone registers for one of my classes, I know people have an abundance of choice these days, and not all of them are high quality.  But quality is paramount to me, and it's one of the reasons why I only produce one or two classes a year.

Last year I completely rebuilt Mastering Twinks Part 1.  When I first offered it, it was in an eBook format, and most people loved that, but as time evolved, people started crying out for video, so rather than build the old class into video format, I totally rewrote the class.  New content, new material, new platform, new thing I ever did!!  Then I produced Mastering Twinks Part 2 and I am beyond thrilled with the's probably the best class I've produced to date.

So many people love the art of luminescence and marvel at that unexpected shimmer, or depth that a luminescent painting presents.  Twinkling h2O's by Luminarte are one of the hottest luminescent products on the market today.  Beautiful, vibrant, shimmering watercolor cakes that are infused with mica.  With this wave of excitement building, so has the demand for the Mastering Twinks classes.

It has been truly overwhelming and incredibly humbling.  These classes are not just about luminescent painting, they are a complete immersion into the fundamentals of watercolor technique, color theory, drawing skills, and mixed media techniques and processes. Hundreds of people have taken these classes so far and many of them have never used luminescent watercolor paint before.  In fact, many people take them and use regular watercolors as their foundation.

Mastering Twinks Part 1 is currently available as full open access now, and Part 2 goes live on February 20.  That means if you sign up for part 1 now you will be able to work through it in time to begin part 2.  However, both classes are forever access so you can take your time and work through them at your own pace. And when you register for Part 1, you receive a 15% OFF discount code from Luminarte which you can use to purchase any products in the Luminarte line.

If you are interested in knowing more about either of these classes, please click the image boxes in the right side bar of my blog, or click the links below.


Click here for more information on Mastering Twinks Part 1 - Twinkling Discoveries

Click here for more information on Mastering Twinks Part 2 - Twinkling Expressions

I hope you will join me at some point this year for these amazing twinkling online workshops.

Thanks for checking in. xx