Monday, September 9, 2013

Workshop Giveaway


Watercolor is one of the most beautiful, versatile, and elegant mediums in art, and luminescent watercolor is all about using light to create exquisite depth and dimension.


The "Mastering Twinks" online class series is all about mastering the art of luminescent watercolors using Luminarte's beautiful "Twinkling h2O's".

If you love twinkling shimmering art, then these classes could be for you.  And for the month of September, I'm running a workshop giveaway.


Twinkling h2O's are luminescent watercolors that are made from rich pigments and binders with the addition of high quality crystal and mineral mica additives.  They are vibrant, light-fast, and come in over 200 incredible shimmering colors.


These amazing little pots of watercolors are so versatile and just beautiful to use. 

But they're not like regular watercolors and there are lots of tricks and techniques that are specific to getting the most from them.


"Mastering Twinkling h2O's" is a beautiful online workshop series that takes you on an amazing journey through the art of luminescence.

Part 1 "Twinkling Discoveries" introduces you to luminescent watercolors and techniques.  It shows you how to control these paints and use them in ways that will make your art dance with light and color.

Part 2 "Twinkling Expressions" takes you deeper into the glittering world of watercolor, introducing you to art principles and techniques that will take your art to a whole new level.  
Together, these classes will help you step into your own shimmering, twinkling, glorious artistic style.


Each class is filled with luminescent watercolor techniques, drawing lessons, art principles, inspiration and projects.  Every lesson has a host of hands on activities and each activity has video, narrative, photos and some have pdf downloads.  All the weekly projects have pdf downloads for you to keep.


Here's what participants have said about Twinks 1:

"This has been one of the best classes I have taken. You keep providing so many bits of info that enrich my learning. It has been a joy to learn and I can't wait to begin Twinks II."

"I am so very sad that this is the last week! This class has been absolutely wonderful and has inspired me in so many ways!"

"Dion, what a joy this class has been. I just wanted to express my respect and admiration for your skills as an artist, a teacher, and a mom. Thanks for sharing a little of your life with us on your blog and in your classes. It's been fun too to see a little of the beauty of Australia through your eyes. I have learned so much from you and I'm excited to continue practicing on my own until Twinks 2."

"I'll be sorry to see this one end. I have loved working through the class. Thank you so much for the wonderful guidance and inspiration you have given along the way. Until this class, I really didn't make the best use of my twinks. You showed me just how much I could do with them."

The next session of "Mastering Twinkling h2O's - Part 1" begins on October 17 and "Mastering Twinkling h2O's - Part 2" begins on February 20th, 2014.  Registration for both of these classes is now open.  

As a bonus, all registered participants receive a 15% Off coupon which can be used for any Luminarte products, including Twinkling h2O's when purchased through the Luminarte site.


And to celebrate this shimmering class, I'm running a giveaway.
3 participants of the upcoming October session of "Mastering Twinks - Part 1" could win their places in "Mastering Twinks - Part 2"
If you sign up for "Part 1" before the end of September, you'll automatically go in the draw to win your place on "Part 2".


But I recommend you hurry, because due to high demand of both of these classes, places are limited.

And if you've already signed up for the October session of Part 1, don't worry, you automatically go into the draw to win your place in Part 2.


(This dragonfly painting was done using Twinkling h2O's, ink, and mixed media.)

Good luck and thanks for checking in xx