Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Into The Woods

Did you know that Sue Bleiweiss started "The Sketchbook Challenge" in response to a program by the Brooklyn Art Library called "The Sketchbook Project"?  

Well, in in 2011, when I participated in this project, my sketchbook theme was "A Path Through The Trees".  So this months "Sketchbook Challenge" theme of "Into the Woods" had me thinking back to that project.

The beauty of theme-based inspiration like both "The Sketchbook Project" and "The Sketchbook Challenge" means the artist can interpret the theme in anyway that inspires them.  

Whether it be to learn to sketch new subjects, new styles, or to work with new media. 

Back then I was BIG into my Twinkling H2O' fact I still am.  "The Sketchbook Project" gave me the opportunity to explore them in a myriad of different ways, and it was probably then that I become completely addicted to luminescent watercolor. 

In fact my hugely popular online class "Mastering Twinks" was born through that experience

So to celebrate this months theme "Into The Woods" over on "The Sketchbook Challenge", and the start of my summer session of "Mastering Twinks", I thought I'd show you a few of the pages from my "Sketchbook Project" book from 2011 themed "A Path Through The Trees".

Every page in the book was prepared with black gesso and painted in Twinkling H2O's as the primary medium. 

Every page tells a story of my personal journey into the wood. 

Not every page is a literal interpretation of the theme, some are a metaphoric interpretation.

The book itself is now part of the permanent collection in Boston, NY.

The summer session of "Mastering Twinks - Part 1" begins tomorrow.  There is still time to register so click here for more information.

Thanks for checking in. xx