Friday, June 21, 2013

When Artists Cook: Jenn's Secret Recipe

Hi all, it's Jenn from Just Add Water Silly, here to bring you yet another art based recipe! This time though, I'm giving away a huge secret to you. Yes, a secret recipe that my family has kept close to our hearts and under wraps for decades. Why am I sharing this coveted recipe now, you ask? Well, because I'll probably never be able to make it for myself ever again. :o(  That kind of precludes me using it in a dinner party setting too because then I couldn't eat the first course!
This recipe came from one of my mom's best friends who was a gourmet chef but also believed that there were easier ways to do stuff that tasted fabulous. When I was a toddler my mom convinced Ethyl to teach a cooking class to the neighborhood women and in that class mom learned our coveted PINK SHRIMP BISQUE recipe. 

It's so easy to make it's criminal! In fact, I won the senior class award in home economics for this recipe, I just had to make sure that the teacher didn't actually see me making this amazing soup or she'd have a cow!(Hey, it's not like anyone said it had to be a complicated recipe, it just had to taste great, hehehe.) I'll admit, I did feel a little guilty though. ;o)
Anyway, the reason I'll never be able to eat this soup again is two fold. First, there is gluten in several of the key ingredients and second, it uses ingredients in cans and until those companies stop using BPA's in their can liners, I'm not able to use their products. BPA's are actually synthetic estrogen and it's quite amazing just how much BPA's you can get into your body by  just eating the product from a BPA lined can. 

Right now my body can't handle synthetic estrogen, it totally throws off my own hormonal balance, so I am now not eating anything in a can! Just so you know, there are companies that are going BPA free but in Canada it's harder to get those brands. Ok, here's the totally awesome recipe, you're NOT going to believe just how easy it is and just how totally awesomely delicious it is!  

Pink Shrimp Bisque 
From: Jenn's Recipes 
#Servings: 4 (appetizer sized) Category: Soups & Stews 
Ingredients: 6 oz. small shrimp (frozen or canned) 1 can Campbell's tomato soup 1/2 can Campbell's green pea soup 
1 1/4 c cream
1 can crab meat (optional) 1 lemon (optional)
Directions: 1. Whisk the soups together. 2. Add the cream and the shrimp. 3. Bring to a very gentle boil. 4. Remove from heat immediately 5. Pour into 4 shallow bowls. 6. Optionally, float a thin slice of lemon on top.
  • add cilantro as garnish.
  •  I love adding the extra crab or doubling the shrimp but any protein can be substituted for the shrimp!
  • This recipe can be made using milk instead of cream for a less rich everyday soup.
This recipe, when made as stated is great for dinner parties, so darn easy to make, spectacular to eat and totally impressively rich. I also used to love it as an anytime soup, just substitute the cream for 2% milk or even unsweetened almond milk. (sweetened almond milk would make the soup just too sweet as Campbell's tomato soup is already sweet.) The great thing about this soup is it follows the old adage...
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