Friday, June 28, 2013

Doodle Flowers

I love doodles and I love flowers, so I was especially thrilled about this month's theme of "Garden Doodles" over at The Sketchbook Challenge

When I first started exploring sketchbook art with more focus, I spent a lot of time doodling.  It's a great way to relinquish the pressure we put on ourselves to produce something that is considered perfect.  And let's face it, very very few of us are able to produce perfect.

The freedom and looseness of doodling is extremely important to building confidence and creative expression.  All good artists have books filled with scribble, doodles, and disasters, it's an important step to developing style and ideas for every type of artist.

Doodling subjects that you find interesting is an excellent way to develop your drawing skills.  It is through doodles that we explore the shapes and structure of the things around us.

Flowers have always been a passion of mine, and by scribbling and playing with lines, I have been able to study flower shapes and composition.  Doodling flowers is also an important vehicle for me to explore color.  When I doodle, I move away from proportion and dimension and am free to take all the creative license I need to explore color.

My sketchbooks are filled with flower doodles and patterns, some of them I transfer to larger works of art, and others just become illustrations for art journal pages or vehicles for my creative practices with different art supplies. This page was done first in an ink doodle, then washed over with watercolor, and finished off with more ink.

When you're struggling to find inspiration for your sketchbook practice, or you just don't have much time to spend, simply put pen to paper and start doodling flowers, or any other subject that interests's a very powerful exercise.

Thanks for checking in. xx