Friday, May 3, 2013

Thomas The Brave

I've spoken a little about my son Thomas who was born a micro-preemie.  Well this week he was formally diagnosed with Autism.  It was not unexpected, but took the wind from our sails nonetheless.

Many of you have followed along as we faced lots of hurdles, not the least his difficulties with eating.  Well these things won't go away, and he has many challenges still ahead of him.  But Thomas is brave, he is strong, and he is lucky.

You see Thomas loves Art!  He loves to paint, to draw, and to color; and he also loves to sing and play the piano.  Thomas is an artist, and when he's making art his world is perfect. So I thought I'd formally introduce you to my beautiful 3yo son, known to many who have followed his journey as:

"Thomas The Brave"

Thanks for checking in. xx