Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Blue Daisies 
"Girlosophy" is an extraordinary book written by a wonderful Australian journalist, Anthea Paul.  
It is filled with words of wisdom for the 21st Century woman.  
It was given to me as a gift when I was in my thirties, and now I give it as a gift to my daughter.

Blue Daisies 
It is a huge source of inspiration for me, and I have shared some of its pearls of wisdom with you in past posts, and I share some more with you now!

Blue Daisies
"Don't follow anyone or anything slavishly.  
Set your own tends. 
Develop your own style. 
What do you like? 
What suits you
Don't just follow fashion: take the elements that work for you.  
Be true to what suits you and uniquely represents who you are in the world."

Blue Daisies 
"If you're not sure, ask people you admire, who have a strongly developed sense of self and  a unique style, what they think of your look.  
Ask them what suits you. 
 After all, it's not brain surgery, it's just clothing.  
Dressing yourself is a form of self-expression, another chance to be creative. 
So enjoy the process and remember - you are a work in progress."

~Anthea Paul, "Girlosophy"

Blue Daisies

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