Monday, April 15, 2013

Developing Expressions

Last week my 7yo received a letter. It told her that her artwork had been chosen to be displayed in an exhibition at the Hearst Center for the Arts.  The Hearst center is a beautiful arts facility and gallery in our area.

The exhibition, called "Developing Expressions: Student Work from Cedar Falls Schools" showcases the best art work produced by students from K-12.  I don't know exactly how many schools are in the Cedar Falls area, but there are a lot.

Yesterday was the opening reception and I was deeply honored when several of our very special friends came to celebrate and honor our little artist.  Megan was so proud she was speechless.

I thought the exhibition would be HUGE, with hundreds of pieces of art, but I was amazed when we arrived to see that it contained only about 70 pieces of amazing art. The curator and the gallery really did a wonderful job choosing and showcasing some real talent from the Cedar Falls area, and I have to say, there is some real talent.

This was a wonderful achievement for our little Megan, and in the spirit of celebration, we held a little party at home afterwards.  Megan's art teacher submitted her work for consideration and I am so grateful to her for giving Megs her moment to shine. 

It saddens me deeply to think that art, music, languages, and physical education are often the first to loose when there are budget cuts in schools.  These disciplines are critical to our children's well rounded education and even more critical to a well balanced society.

Congratulations Megan, and to all the other students who were honored for their artistic talent.  Whether any of them go on to make art their careers in some way remains to be seen, but what matters is they have all been given a vital moment of acknowledgement and validation for their art.  And from this point forward, and for the rest of their lives...they will have that!

Thanks for checking in. xx