Friday, March 22, 2013

When Artists Cook: They BBQ

Hi, Tracey Fletcher King here. I have been insanely slack on the whole When Artist’s Cook contributions lately, and it isn’t as though I haven’t been doing paintings and drawings based around food recently. In fact I have been fairly obsessed with recording different food stuffs lately, but the truth is that I haven’t cooked much and it feels kind of bad painting up and writing recipes while the family is madly looking to me to feed them something other than the standard fare of some sort of grilled meat or fish and salad. I figured it would be cruel to taunt them with visions and thoughts that I might actually get in and make something. Mind you looking at the paintings they do kind of reflect what we have been eating anyway… except the mustard… not made much use of that lately….


Can I just clarify at this point that I am in fact not the world’s neglectful and lazy ass parent… but it has been a long, hot summer and for the last few weeks we have been plagued by our normal late summer rains. Here in Queensland, January/February is stinking hot and humid and more often than not it is just too hot to face the kitchen by the end of the day, so I pretty much refuse to subject myself to such torture and turn on oven or hot plate… which limits us to using the bbq and grabbing some salad from the fridge…or if it is really disgustingly humid we stay in the pool and eat ice cream or sorbet… and I will come clean and state we have also done this for breakfast and lunch, and it worked a treat…. but families cannot exist on bowls of ice cream, though I have given it a good shot this summer, and at times I have needed to actually feed them.

So here is the big summer recipe… drizzle flavoured oil on something then grill away and serve with salad… easy right… Lemon oil on fish or chicken is delicious… the Chilli oil on salmon and tuna… the Basil oil on lamb, and the Garlic oil for beef… and pretty much any of them can be drizzles over prawn… and yes that does mean I am actually giving in to the stereotype writing that you should throw a shrimp on the barbie… but in actual fact it should be a prawn on the bbq… if you want to really add that Aussie flavour then start calling them prawns… they will taste so much better…

Pathetic excuse for a recipe I know, but let’s be honest we have all done it, maybe not as often as I have in the last 6 weeks, but at some stage we have all taken the easy road… and I would rather spend any cool moments I can find painting and drawing… which is what happens when artist’s cook… sometimes we spend more time painting food than actually cooking it… makes perfect sense to me…

Hope spring is rushing your way soon….

Trace xx

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