Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Meditation is the ultimate state of learning.  Sitting quietly is not a waste of time, it's important time to just be in peace.

Learning to concentrate your mind and control your breathing in a state of pure relaxation is vital to your health and well being. By allowing yourself to just exist, you are going deeper into your own being, it is here that you are able to see and accept who you really are.

Someone very wise once told to me that it is in the state of deep meditation that you are able to lose your mind and find yourself.

Mandalas are my meditation tool, both creating them and then enjoying them.  I find myself plunge easily into a state of meditative flow when I create them.  So I create them a lot! Making mandalas is a powerful way to work through issue because it centers the mind into pure concentration, allowing you to open yourself to the rhythm of truth, learning, and wisdom.

My online class, Wisdom Circles, is a gentle journey into this meditative experience.  It takes you on a process through the creating of circles, into a place of self-expression and healing.  Please join me in this beautiful workshop.  Wisdom Circles in now open for registration, click here for more information.

(This mandala was done in watercolor, pen & Ink, on Stillman & Birn's new "Zeta Series" paper.)

Thanks for checking in. xx