Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Yearning for Spring

February drags on a little, and I find myself yearning for spring more and more.

I have noticed the bird life getting active and the days getting longer...perhaps spring is on it's way.

I hope so!

 (This Cardinal was done in watercolor pencil and ink in my

Thanks for checking in. xx


  1. oh he is beautiful..... and i hope he is correct and spring is almost here....enough with the snow....
    again, he is beautiful!

    Cynthia ♥

  2. So cute ~ your little bird. Hang in there Spring's right around the corner! Nothing like the feeling of Spring after a cold Winter, heavenly. :)

  3. If you like I will parcel up and send you the kookaburra that keeps waking me up at the crack of dawn... will stop you feeling homesick as well.. love the painting... amazing colours...xx

  4. Regardless of what the calendar says, February is the loooooongest month!Love your cardinal!

  5. I love love love red cardinals! They're so beautiful! I haven't had the chance yet in my life to see one in person. I would love to though! -- February really does drag on! Even with the business of life we've got going on over here. *sigh*. Can't wait for spring!

  6. Neither a bee nor a butterfly, but a crow! Like Jeremy in "Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH": [Sees Mrs. Brisby's amulet]
    Jeremy: Ooh! oh-oh-oooh! A sparkly!
    Mrs. Brisby: What?
    Jeremy: You're wearing a sparkly! Can I have it? Can I?
    Mrs. Brisby: Pay attention.
    Jeremy: [still mesmerized by the amulet] Wow.
    Mrs. Brisby: I need you to get some string.
    Jeremy: Str-ing...
    Mrs. Brisby: To move the block.
    Jeremy: Move... the block. Hey! I've got string! I've been saving them.
    Mrs. Brisby: You do?
    Jeremy: Oh, yes. Red ones, blue ones, green, yellow...
    Mrs. Brisby: Good. Bring all the string you can.
    Jeremy: Okay... that'll take all day.
    Mrs. Brisby: Good! Get going.
    Jeremy: Just thought I'd mention in passing... I've always wanted a sparkly of my very own.
    Mrs. Brisby: Will you get going?
    Jeremy: Oh! Excuse me, pardon me. Bye.

  7. Whoops, that comment was meant for yesterday's post about loving sparklies.

  8. I love your bird Dion! What did you use in this painting?

    1. Thank you Lynn. This painting was done in watercolor pencil and ink. xx


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