Monday, February 18, 2013

Wisdom Cirlce: Limitations

I always find this time of year rather a challenge.  It's easy to loose perspective, especially when the northern hemisphere winter seems to drag on.  My husband and I find our heads filled with thoughts of escape and change, but having young kids tends to ground us in reality.

Without the glorious inspiration of nature alive around me I find my art is subdued and sometimes monotone.  However, it has been the preparation of my workshops for 21 Secrets and Life Book 2013 that have keep me focused, and the challenge of commissions that have kept me fresh throughout the dull months of winter.

Down-times are a fact of life, and it is usually then that I allow myself to swim in the passive and let the neutral tones take over my work.  I find that allowing my thoughts to fall out of my head and into a mandala to be the most powerful form of therapy and expression.  I let these mandalas take on a life of their own, even if it seems completely removed from my usual style and color. (I teach a little of this technique in my online class "Wisdom Circles" if you are interested.)

When I create mandalas they take two forms: color and design.  Sometimes it's color that calls me, other times in design.  Either way my mandalas, or wisdom circles, are very powerful meditation aides for me, and deeply personal expressions of my processes and experiences.

Like everything in life, artistic confidence waxes and wanes.  There are crisis points where I ask myself if I really should be doing this, let alone sharing and teaching.  But I try to put a check on the internal dialogue and plow forward anyway, because at the end of the day, art is who I am...take it or leave it!

This mandala, called "Limitations", was done using Silks Acrylic Glaze, Dimensional Fabric Paint, Gold Gel Pen, and Embellishment on tinted pastel paper.

Thanks for checking in xx