Friday, February 15, 2013

A Bouquet for Love

I am always thrilled and honored when I receive a commission.  Although they bring some measure of stress, it is wonderful to be challenged with your art in a way that doesn't always give you complete freedom.

A little while ago I received a request for a painting.  My patron wanted to give his wife a bouquet of flowers for Valentines Day, but wanted them to be endearing. Her wanted her to have something that would be special to both of them, so he asked me to do a painting that contained a selection of the flowers that were most special to both of them.

Each of the flowers he chose had a sacred, love filled meaning to them both. Representative of times together, places they visited, and moments they shared. It was beautiful and inspiring and I was so happy to do it.

The challenge for me was that two of the wild flowers he chose were not known to me.  That always makes me nervous because before I paint a floral work, I like to see the flowers in context, to touch and feel them, to see them in their natural surrounds, bathed in sunlight and dancing in the breeze.  But given it is the middle of winter here in Iowa, there is a distinct lack of wild flowers so I had to research and use photo reference.

To cut a long story short, he presented his beautiful wife with the painting for Valentines Day and I was deeply moved by her response to it.  It is between them and this painting is now a symbol of their love, life, and memories. But let me say that nothing could give me more joy and honor than to do something like this.

This painting, I have called "Wildflower Memories" was done in Twinkling H2O's - luminescent watercolors, pen & ink so it's glittery, shimmery, and dances as you look at it, like the flowers are actually moving. Thank you AH for the opportunity.

Thanks for checking in. xx