Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Words To Live By

"Consciously 'seize' every moment, because an idea only takes seconds and a few seconds can change your personal universe entirely"

~Anthea Paul Girlosophy

Sometimes we forget that life is about doing, enjoying, experiencing, and adventuring.  It's not about having, owning, gaining, or acquiring.

What's the point of all that really?  Ask yourself, does it really make you happier to have more stuff?? In my view more isn't necessarily good, sometimes is just...well...more!

It's the way we really live our lives that matters the most.  Richness comes from the soul, not from the pocket.  It's the beauty in every hidden moment that is wondrous, not the label on a bag.

Fill your life with positive energy, make every moment count. Set your goals in meaning ways, do something every single day that moves you forward, and open your mind and heart to beauty.

Be what is beautiful in the world, because beautiful people create beauty.

Thanks for checking in. xx